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Founded initially as a marching band, SembWinds has evolved into a Concert Band with renewed repertoire and purpose under the baton of conductor Mr Loo Zhen Yang. SembWinds has made multiple appearances in both public performances and competitions around Singapore. Realizing the potential from SYF 2021, SemPer (Sembwang Percussion Ensemble) will make it's debut appearance in SIBF 2022 as it's own sub-unit, under the tutelage of Mr Faidhi Yusmal. The mission of the band is to cultivate not just budding musicians, but an overall well-rounded outstanding character from it's students that will last beyond their time in this CCA.


Begin Transmission by John Herndon

Sea of Tranquility by Nathan Daughtrey



Akif Sufi Bin Mohamed Noor

Al-Hasby Bin Lokman

Isfarizwan Fikri Bin Isfarizal

Justin Louis Orita Ramos

Lee Guan Yi

Low Ginnie

Raed Zikry Bin Redzuan

Ryan Lim Jing Heng

Sharifah Tihany Binte Syed Mahdar Alattas

Shereen Catane Gandarosa

Suthakar Aditya

T Kirrthana Varshni

Tan Si Xuan Natalie Summer

Tan Wen Jie

Toong Loke

Vance Ang Jun Le (Hong Junle)

Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg
Loo Zhen Yang


E3 - PE

Performance Time

26 July 2022 (Tue)


NAFA Lee Foundation Theatre

Note: Above information is correct at time of publication and may be subjected to change without prior notice.

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