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required music

The test pieces of #SIBF2024.

You are required to select only one test piece from the respective division you are participating in. There is no test piece for Concert Division & Division 3.


Peregrin: A Traveler’s Tale

Douglas Akey | Queenwood Publications

When the Stars Began to Fall

Fred J. Allen | TRN Music Publisher

Of Castles and Dreams

Jim Mahaffey | Southern Music Company

Gate City Snapshot

Nathan Daughtrey | C. Alan Publications


Thomas Duffy | Ludwig Masters Publication


Speak to Me

Dana Wilson | Boosey & Hawkes

Pastime with Good Company

Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press / De Haske



Frank Ticheli | Manhattan Beach Music


Hiroshi Hoshina | Brain / Bravo Music

Arirang and Akatonbo

Kosaku Yamada / arr. Chang-Su Koh | Brain / Bravo Music


Transformationen for Band

Albert Benz | Molenaar Edition


Johan de Meij | Amstel Music / Hal Leonard Corporation

Satiric Dances (for a Comedy by Aristophanes)

Norman Dello Joio | Associated Music Publishers

Concertango (Movement III - Molto Allegro)

Luis Serrano Alarcón | Piles Editorial de Musica / C. L. Barnhouse



Ryan George | Fornine Music

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