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NUS Percussion Ensemble

The National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Percussion Ensemble was first established in 2021 consisting of percussionists from the NUS Symphony Orchestra, NUS Wind Symphony, and the NUS Chinese Orchestra. The group was formed for NUSSO’s recorded production ‘Landscapes’, in an unprecedented collaboration between the three groups for a percussion ensemble performance featuring an in-house arrangement of ‘Forbidden Friendship’ from the 2010 movie How to Train Your Dragon.  

Today, the NUS Percussion Ensemble consists of brilliant veterans and juniors alike from NUSSO, NUSWS, and NUSCO, to strive for excellence in percussion music via diverse performance opportunities.


Marching Season by YANNI/ Chris Brooks

Spiraling Light by Nathan Daughtrey

The River by Seth Adams



Alvin Li Ri Qi 

Boh Hui Wen 

Charmaine Lee Yi Hsin 

Dylan Lee Pak Han 

Ervina Chong Qi Fei 

Low Zhengting Malcolm 

Nerissa Goh Jia Yi 

Ong Hui Juan 

Pan Jiaying 

Poon Kay Chun 

Lexton Wong Ting Feng 

Yen Kai Xi, Cassie 

Zhang Xi Karen

Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg


E1 - PE

Performance Time

26 July 2022 (Tue)


NAFA Lee Foundation Theatre



Note: Above information is correct at time of publication and may be subjected to change without prior notice.

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