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National Junior College SH Band

Formed in 1969, the same year National Junior College was established, NJCSB has been integral to the culture and rich heritage of our College. The Band has been an integral part of college life, performing at morning assemblies and for various college functions. It has also participated in many local and overseas programmes to achieve higher standards of musicality. The band’s motto, “Triumph in Harmony”, encompasses more than our commitment to performance standards – it aptly captures our aim to develop team spirit in servant leaders who inspire with honour.


Pastorale by Hoshina, Hiroshi

Holy Island by Hiroaki, Sato



Aaqil Mohamed Bilal

Alanda Lui Zhi Qi

Anbu Kritikka Anbalagan

Benedict Goh Yong En

Caden Philbert Lee Rafiuly

Chen See

Chong Kit Yan Kyanna

Chua Xu Hui, Xavier

Dong Zhengyuan

Ellie Kueh

Fam Jia Wen

Hikaru Chong Yew Rui

Jagriti Panda

Julius Siah Lexean

Kannan Sai Easwar

Leow Zijun

Liu Zhuoyi Daniel

Natalie Ong Rui'En

Ngu May Xi

Phoon Hui Kai, Anders

Rachael Ho Xin Yun

Seah Jia Ying

Shahul Hameed Nahla

Shee Wei Xuan

Sheo Chiong Teng

Soong Zi Yu

Swaminathan Naren

Tan En Xuan

Venkatesh Mahaa

Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg
Seow Yibin



Performance Time

27 July 2022 (Wed)


NAFA Lee Foundation Theatre



Note: Above information is correct at time of publication and may be subjected to change without prior notice.

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