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Krungthep Christian Junior Band

Krung Thep Christian Wind Symphony is the part of Bangkok Christian College’s clubs. It’s established in 1974. There are high-school students who are interested in music. Presently, Mr. Ekaphong Sinkloh is the band director. Now there are about 50 young musicians. The band conducted by Mr. Metha Yuankhiaw and Mr. Chaiyasith Lexprayura is the head of music instructor. The band was supported by Bangkok Christian College. The band participated in many competitions such as The 11th Thailand Indoor Marching Competition 2019, 2019 Nie Er Youth Band Art Week, Music & Marching Arts International 2019, 4 TH VALAYA ALONGKORN VIRTUAL INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COMPETITION 2021, WAMSB World

Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg
Metha Yuankhiaw


Contempo by Michael Story

Still On My Mind by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej/ arr. Jinnawat Mansap



Apirat Charopasrat

Arkarabodin Khiuphorjit

Chawinthorn Paphavorakul

Chokphisit Charoonlak

Kamphol Thanasarnpaiboon

Korrawit Saisuwan

Krittin Rerngrit

Marvin Lertchaiporn

Maythawish Rattanamaythanon

Noppawat Chornsin

Nuttawaphant Disayabutr

Pakin Duangpanya

Papangkorn Orapin

Phumipat Chanitrapirak

Pincha Duangpanya

Pokin Panichonrachat

Prisdee Chanitrapirak

Ranate Apinunt

Sahup Reungkittipong

Sarunnapat Limpiriyapanin

Srethawat Kingputtapong

Teetat Sakhornwasee

Thanissorn Sattkhunchutipas

Thatsura Soekcharoen

Tonnam Chotivithayatanin

Wattanaphat Unhavanit



Performance Time




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