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BintaBrass Brass Quintet

Bintabrass Brass Quintet is a small ensemble that started in 2019. It started with the small group of friends, who is in the same school band. At first, they wanted to just have a fun and they started to enter to some competition in Thailand. They got the second place in the Valaya Alongkorn Music Competition 2021. After that, they want this ensemble to be a professional brass quintet. In the future, they want this brass quintet to be one of the professional brass quintets in Thailand. They want to enter to competition as much as possible to get more experiences.


Iron Horse by Kevin Mckee



Chanan   Mallanoo

Ravit Leelasiri

Sitthan Sukata

Siwat Sopacharoen

Suphanat Khemapattanasamarn

Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg


E2 - SE

Performance Time

26 July 2022 (Tue)


NAFA Lee Foundation Theatre



Note: Above information is correct at time of publication and may be subjected to change without prior notice.

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