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Anderson Military Band

Anderson Band was established in 1970. Over the years the band has grown in both strength and excellence, developing leaders that could hone their musical and management skills in their different fields of work. Anderson Band is presently made up of 35 committed bandsmen with aims to continue nurturing confident leaders who actively contribute to our community. Anderson Band has participated actively in various competitions and performances, which give them opportunities in working closely together towards a common and shared experience, through the musical journey.


A Shaker Gift Song by Frank Ticheli

Sonic Radiance by Larry Clark



Ang Kok Diat Tesher

Ang Zhi En

Aqeel Shauqi Bin Zakariah

Christian Philip Tadeo Marsh

Claris Teo Chen Lin

Eain Thuko

Goh Rou Tam

Goh Xin Ying Tricia

Goh Yu Jiang Andre

Joycie Chua

Keefe Ng Swee Kiat

Keira Marie Lim Li Xin

Khalis Idris Bin Anuar

Li Yuanzheng

Lim Hui En

Loh Jing Yih Terryn

Luke Lim Kah Khun

Marsha Binte Osman

Mohamed Shariq Bin Mohamed Kheir

Namerah Arshiana

Nicholas Tan Ze-Feng

Petra Seng JingNing

Phua Jiu Ying Ricarda

Rubashri Senthil Kumar

Wong Jia Cheng

Zheng Ming'en Xavier

Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg
Lim Chong Choon, Lester



Performance Time

28 July 2022 (Thu)


NAFA Lee Foundation Theatre



Note: Above information is correct at time of publication and may be subjected to change without prior notice.

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