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the mentorship programme

Mentoring at #SIBF.

To further enhance the learning and development opportunities for participating students and band directors, we are pleased to offer the SIBF Mentorship Programme. Participants will receive mentorship from one of the SIBF adjudicators or clinicians. This limited opportunity is available for bands taking part in the non-competitive "comment-only" category only.  The band should be made up by mostly students.  

Programme Overview

The SIBF Mentorship Programme will offer one-to-one discussion with the conductor and clinic sessions for the participating bands before and after their performance at SIBF. Participants will receive professional advice and tips to enhance the overall learning of the bands and conductor.

Provide valuable mentorship and guidance to participating bands and their directors.

Enhance the educational experience of students by offering expert feedback on their performances.

Support the growth and development of young musicians and directors within the band community.

Why Join?

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Access to expert guidance and feedback from experienced professionals in the field.



Online Consultation Session

(before performance)

Prior to your online meeting,  participating bands will need to submit video recordings  of their rehearsals or performances. These videos will be used as material for the assigned mentor, to  provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. (approx. 1 month before SIBF for online consultation)


In-Person Mentoring Session

(before performance)

The assigned mentor will work closely with the band director and students, offering feedback, technical advice, and rehearsal strategies to enhance their performance quality.


Post-Performance Evaluation

(post performance)

Following your performance, participating bands will reconvene with their assigned mentor for a post-performance evaluation session. This session will focus on reflecting on the band's performance, identifying areas of improvement, and setting goals for future development.

The fine prints.

  1. Only Singapore-based concert bands participating in the "Comments Only" adjudication mode can take part in this programme.

  2. There is no extra fee for joining the SIBF Mentorship Programme.

  3. A mentor from our jury panel will be assigned to you at the discretion of the WBAS.

  4. Applications are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis due to limited availability.

Application will open soon.
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