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Image by Jukka Aalho

virtual divisions & awards

Be rewarded with the #SIBFexperience!

Band Category (Virtual) | Ensemble Category (Virtual)

Select the appropriate division for your bands to showcase the ensemble's best performance ability.


1 Small Ensemble (SE) category may include woodwind, brass and mixed wind & percussion instrumental ensemble.

2 Participating ensembles in the Virtual Ensemble Division should adhere to local COVID-19 safe management regulations when recording your performance.



The prizes for the 8th Singapore International Band Festival are awarded as follows:

  1. SIBF Trophy will be presented to only the top scoring ensemble of every division. Cash prize will only be awarded to the top ensemble in Division E1V if:

    • there are at least 5 participating ensembles in each of Division E1V sub-categories, i.e. Small Ensemble (SE), Percussion Ensemble (PE) and

    • the top ensemble scores at least 80.00 marks.

  2. The organiser reserves the rights to disqualify and revoke all awards if a participating ensemble infringes on any of the rules and regulations. All decisions are final and non-negotiable.

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