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Band Category | Ensemble Category

Division E1 - E4

The Ensemble category at SIBF 2024 aims to allow musicians to collaborate, share ideas and strive for excellence together. Each musician’s voice in the ensemble is equally important as no doubling is required and both musical and social skills are encouraged in this setting. Musicians may perform works from classical to contemporary works written for ensembles. This platform provides an invaluable platform for musicians to explore the artistry of chamber music and showcase their talents in a more intimate setting!


Conductors may wish to refer to past SIBF performance videos to select the appropriate division for your bands to showcase the band's best performance ability.


1 Small Ensemble (SE) category may include woodwind, brass and mixed wind & percussion instrumental ensemble.



The cash prizes for the 9th Singapore International Band Festival are awarded as follows:

  1. SIBF Trophy will be presented to only the top scoring ensemble of every division. Cash prize will only be awarded to the top ensemble in Division E1 if:

    • there are at least 5 participating ensembles in each of Division E1 sub-categories, i.e. Small Ensemble (SE), Percussion Ensemble (PE) and

    • the top ensemble scores at least 80.00 marks.

  2. The organiser reserves the rights to disqualify and revoke all awards and cash prizes if a participating ensemble infringes on any of the rules and regulations. All decisions are final and non-negotiable.

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