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The Secondary Wind Band of Sacred Heart Canossian College (English Section), Macau

The Secondary Wind Band of Sacred Heart Canossian College (English Section), Macau, was established in 2016, organized by Ms.Yetta, Cheng Ka U. It aims to foster students’ interest towards music through playing wind instruments and providing them a platform to show their abilities. The spirit of seniors offering help to the juniors bountifully allows students to learn unity and mutual aid. 

The Wind Band has participated in different musical events and competitions. It has been awarded Silver Prize in “9th World Orchestra Festival” (Category of Woodwind & Brass Bands) and Gold Award in “2023 Brahms International Orchestra Competition” (Category of Wind Ensemble-Junior).

Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg
Cheng Ka U
Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg


Fu-Mon by Hiroshi Hoshina

Ireland: Of Legend & Lore by Robert W. Smith



Chan Chi Ieng

Chan Ioi Un

Chan Pui Io

Chan Un Cheng

Chan Ut Ieng

Chan Ut Wai

Cheang Iek U

Cheang Sum Yuet

Chen In Tong

Cheok Weng Si

Cheong Cheng Lam

Cheong Si Kei

Cheong Un Cheng

Chio Hoi Kei

Chu Weng Tong

Fan Hang U

Ho Chi Man

Ho Hong Cheng

Ho I Man

Hoi Si Ieng

Hoi Weng Io

Ieong Cheok Ieng

Ieong Lai Seong

Ieong Mei Ka

Ieong Pek U

Kan Hang Io

Kok Sio Ian

Lam Chi U

Lam Ut Cheng

Lao Pui Ka

Lee Cheok Kio

Lee Si Cheng

Lei Hoi Tong

Leong Weng Ian

Li Un Cheng

Liang Ut

Liu Hoi Cheng

Ng Iat Tong

Ng Pui Lam

Ng Weng U

Si Tou Hio Tong

Tai Hoi Ian

Wan Pui I

Wong Hoi Lam

Wong Son Chi



Competition Time

26 July 2024 (Friday)


YST Conservatory of Music Concert Hall

Outreach Performance Time

26 July 2024 (Friday)


Bedok Town Square

Note: Above information is correct at time of publication and may be subjected to change without prior notice.

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