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Temasek Wind Ensemble

The Temasek Wind Ensemble proudly stands as one of the school's vibrant CCA. Under the guidance of Band Director Mr. Ong Yeow Tong, an alumnus of the school, this ensemble of 60 dedicated musicians embodies a deep commitment to musical excellence. Each member shares a common passion for music, striving to master their instruments, and deliver captivating performances. Under Mr. Ong's mentorship, the ensemble has become a symbol of passion, showcasing their devotion to music through harmonious melodies. Beyond the notes they play, they are a close-knit community, supporting and inspiring one another to reach new heights of musical achievement.

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Ong Yeow Tong
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When the Stars Began to Fall by Fred J. Allen

Delaware Valley Celebration by Darren W. Jenkins



Ayden Garcia Sim

Azmina Shazneen D/O Abdus Safoor

B Aadharsh

Chiam Yi Xiu, Amelia

Chloe Tang Peizhi

Chow Jing Han

Dany Mateen Bin Yusli

Dorsal Chew Yuan Xi (Zhou Yuanxi)

Ethan Lam Sheng Zhe

Goh Qiu Yan

Guan Yu Xi Nadia

Hue Zeng Tien

Isaac Tan Yan Ming

Isadore Ong Hui Ci

Isha Rajaguru

Jase Sebastian Baldueza Retiro

Jedidiah Teo Yong Le

Jeremiah Skaria Mathew

Lin Congxin

Liu Rong Xuan

Luk Hei Ching Andrew

Mohamad Izz Dhamiri Bin Mohamad Khairy

Muhammad Hamzah Bin Jamshaid Iqbal

Muhammad Nabil Bin Khalid

Nadyne Alya Ho

Nathan Oh Ding Yang

Ng Wei En Reyes

Norhilmi Adam Bin Norhaizad

Oh Yu Kuan

Ong Zi Han Olivia

Palaniappan Abishek Priyan

Renzo Chan Yu Chung

Shannon Mae Teo En Hui

Shen Jiaqi

Sherlyn Wong Kai Ling

Sophie Tan Zuo Ying

Tanveka Datt

Thio Sim Leng, Eva

Yang Yu Fei, Claire



Competition Time

24 July 2024 (Wednesday)


YST Conservatory of Music Concert Hall

Outreach Performance Time


Note: Above information is correct at time of publication and may be subjected to change without prior notice.

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