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Temasek Junior College Symphonic Band (IP)

The Temasek Junior College Symphonic Band was established in 1977 for students to express their interest and love for music. The Band has since maintained a high standard of excellence driven by commitment, dedication and sheer passion of its students and conductor. 

Since 2013, the Band has expanded in membership with the inclusion of more than 90 students from IP Year 1 to 4. In 2017, the IP Band took part in its first Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation and attained the Distinction Award. 

As the IP Band grows, it aspires to carry on the tradition of creating and presenting beautiful music to its listeners

Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg
Neo Yi Jie Jovan
Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg


Gate City Snapshot by Nathan Daughtrey

Railway by Shin'ya Takahashi



Adarsh Parthasarathy

Ames Violet Zehra

Ashton Than Lik Xuan


Bryce Choo You Teng

Cherene Lek Chee Yam

Chloe Lim Yu En

Dhwani Srinivasan

Elijah Seah Kheng Ngee

Evan Ng Yong Yi

Gisele Tan Rui Ya

Goh Rui En, Audrey

Goh Si Han, Jonas

Ho Yong Jie

Isabelle Soo En Qin

Jayabalan Narain Ram

Jayden Kiw Yue Peng

Jeremiah Ho Yu Xian

Kaarshini Devaeswaran

Kaitlyn Tan Ying Rui

Kingston Chang Kai Bao

Li Siru

Lim Zi Ian

Mok Jing Yang

Ng Si En Leah

Ong Kok Soon Lucas

Peh Ee Hsuen Meredithe (Bai Yuxuan)

Phoebe Tan Zile

Quek Xing Yi

Rashana Ram

Sarah Koi Ai Lin

Siti Auni Binte Mohamed Mahadisyah

Tan Jia Rui Lucas (Chen Jiarui)

Verlene Ng Zi Hui

Wang Hongzhe

Yao Xuan Joyce

Ye Enhui Rachel



Competition Time

24 July 2024 (Wednesday)


YST Conservatory of Music Concert Hall

Outreach Performance Time


Note: Above information is correct at time of publication and may be subjected to change without prior notice.

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