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Pei Ying Wind Band 培英國中管樂團

Pei Ying Wind Band(“PYWB”) was founded in 2013. Since the principal Shu-Kuan Ting and parents fully support PYWB, it has transformed to a more professional team. We invited the famous conductor, Ying-Chung Chang, to enhance the members’ cognitive ability, appreciation, musicality, and skills in music realm.

    A young band PYWB participates in Hsinchu city and school performance and it has received good reputation. PYWB looks forward to cultivating seeds, sharing music, and bringing joy to everyone.

Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg
Chang, Ying-Chung 張穎中
Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg


Fortress by Frank Ticheli

"Die Zirkusprinzessin" Selections from the Operetta in 3 Acts by Emmerich Kalman / arr. Eiji Suzuki



Chan, Pin-Chiao

Chang, Che-Ning

Chang, Chia-Yu

Chang, Chiao-Hun

Chang, Darren Shuowei

Chang, En-Jui

Chang, Le-Yang

Chang, Yi-Le

Chao, Yo-Jia

Chen, Chih-Hsin

Chen, Ci-Jhen

Chen, He-Yung

Chen, Hsin-Ping

Chen, Hsuan-Tung

Chen, Yi-Mi

Chen, You-Jen

Chen, Yu-An

Cheng, Ching-Tung

Cheng, Yu-Tung

Chiu, Po-Hsuan

Chuang, Po-Chih

Chuang, Yu-Ho

Fan, Chih-Yu

Fan, I-Cheng

Hsia, Zi-Mian

Hsiao, Yi-Chen

Hsieh, Ching-Yu

Hsu, Hsin-Chiao

Huang, Ching-Yun

Huang, Huai-Chien

Ku, Tzu-Yu

Kuo, Chen-Wei

Kuo, Chen-Yi

Lai, Kai-Yun

Lai, You-Jie

Lee, Ling-Hsuan

Li, Chia-Chen

Lin, Chen-Hsi

Lin, Ching-Chia

Lin, I-Hsin

Lin, Jr-Shi

Lin, Pei-Xuan

Lin, Yu-Sheng

Liu, Hsing-Fei

Liu, Shian-Chi

Pai, Shao-Peng

Peng, Chieh-Yu

Peng, I-Hsun

Su, Wei-Ming

Sun, Yu-Han

Sung, Yu-Nien

Tai, Yun-Fong

Tsai, Han-Ying

Tsai, Pei-Ya

Tsai, Yun-Hsuan

Tseng, Yu-Chuan

Tung, Chin-Yu

Wang, Wei-Jhe

Wang, Yi-Han

Wu, Chen-Han

Wu, Rou-Xian

Wu, Shan-Ni

Wu, Tzu-Hsuan

Wu, Yu-Tong

Yang, Chiao-Min

Yang, Chien-Pei

Yang, Ke-En

Yang, Yu-Qing

Yang, Yung-Hsi

Yi, Meng-Chieh



Competition Time

25 July 2024 (Thursday)


YST Conservatory of Music Concert Hall

Outreach Performance Time

27 July 2024 (Saturday)


Bedok Town Square

Note: Above information is correct at time of publication and may be subjected to change without prior notice.

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