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Meridian Secondary School Concert Band

The Meridian Secondary Concert Band was founded in 2017 after the merger of two schools, Coral Secondary and Siglap Secondary. Under the baton of Mr. Pan Zhiwen and Mr. Gabriel Song, the band strives to empower all musicians to attain their fullest potential. The Concert Band last received a Certificate of Accomplishment at the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation in 2023.  Guided by the band's motto, ‘Play it Loud, Play it Proud’ the Band is dedicated to sharing the enjoyment of music with its audience.

Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg
Pan Zhiwen
Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg


Gate City Snapshot by Nathan Daughtrey

Dancing in the Wind (Kaze No Mai) by Yosuke Fukuda



Aleesya Irdina Binte Muhammad Iryandi

Amelia Bte Sudiman

Ang Jun Yang

Brian Yu Zhao Zhi

Chloe Cheung Rui En

Cruz Ethan Rod

De Silva Luqaz

Edric Chong Din Jay

Eunice Liaw Yi Tong

Ho Yi Heng Meldrick

Lezann Lim Le Xuan

Liew Yi En Evon

Lim Hao Ngee

Lim Jia Xuan, Eris

Lim Jing Kai, Javier

Lim Yu Tong Karryl

Lo Ho Meng

Melody Tan Jia Yi

Melvin Tukimin

Mohammad Rizqy Bin Mohammad Rahmat

Nadiah Amirah Karnadi

Noor Izz Umar Bin Noor Iskandar

Nur Aqilah Binte Mohamed Ridzham

Nur Sarah Muhammad Ridhuan

Nur Sorfina Binte Mohamed Sulfadin

Rainie Lim Pei Xuan

Ramos Andrea

Shabil Bin Shazlee

Shanel Shafiqa Bte Mohamad Azli

Sim Jie En Jayden

Stacey Kuah Chien Hwee

Syed Aizat Syed Alwi

Tan Elisa Casido

Teng Jun Le Jaydon

Venetia Tan Si Suen

Wan Jiaying Keira



Competition Time

24 July 2024 (Wednesday)


YST Conservatory of Music Concert Hall

Outreach Performance Time


Note: Above information is correct at time of publication and may be subjected to change without prior notice.

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