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ITE College West Harmony

Since 2016, ITE West Harmony, formerly known as ITE West Symphonia, has always prided itself in achieving musical excellence by empowering young student-musicians to achieve self-mastery. Throughout the transformative journey, the band has always focused on cultivating an inclusive and holistic environment by providing opportunities to empower members to take risks and explore their own artistic creativity. 

ITE West Harmony has constantly worked with determination to work towards their common goal. The band are always willing to challenge themselves to enhance their technical skills.

The name draws inspiration from the members unwavering spirit and reflects the band's

Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg
Leoi Xue Yu Shaun
Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg


Ride by Samuel R. Hazo

Concertango (Movement III) by Luis Serrano Alarcon

Stabat Mater Dolorosa by Masanori Taruya



Alyssa Tan Shuying

Benjamin Then Kai Sheng

Chen Jing Yuan

Chua Jia En, Leanne

Chua Wei Xuan Crystalyn

Clarissa Lee

Dany Effendy Bin Rosli

Darwisy Irfan Jalalludeen

Dhiya'Kisherynna Bte Mohd Nordin

Earnest Lim Yi Zhong

Gabriel Tang Zhuo Xian

Harun Al Rosyid Bin Muhammad Azman

Ho Jia Yi

Hong Kyla Bernardette

How Boon Keat, Joshua

Ian Jeremiah Soon

Insyirah Bte Jamal

Jason Alfaro

Jeong Se Ryeong

Joey Ong Jing Ru

Jonathan Tan Yong Chun

Keith Oh Xin Wei

Kevan Eng (Huang Weijun)

Lee Yi Terng

Leong Wei Si Crystal

Levonne Lim Shi En

Lim Jun Jie Jackie

Lim Ying Ying Cheryl

Loo Ching Shyan Rachel

Loo Jun Cheng Reagen

Muhammad Hafiq Bin Haron

Muhammad Nur Bin Usman

Muhammad Zulfadhli Bin Wahab

Muhammad Zulhilmi Bin Zakaria

Naurah Irdina Binte Zulkiflee

Ong Jun Yang

Phua Zai Yu

Rosanne Wong

Syafi Muhammad Nabil Bin Effendy

Tan Guan Yang, Sebastian

Tan Pei Yuan

Tan Si Hui

Tan Wei Zhi

Teo Min Hui

Theodore Zion Ong Xian

Vernetta En-Xin Williams

Wee Heong Kin Grace

Yang Qi Hong

Zachariah Tnay Zhihao



Competition Time

26 July 2024 (Friday)


YST Conservatory of Music Concert Hall

Outreach Performance Time


Note: Above information is correct at time of publication and may be subjected to change without prior notice.

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