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Bukit Merah Concert Band

The Bukit Merah Secondary School Concert Band traces its origins back to its establishment

as a Military Band. Evolving over time, it transitioned into a Symphonic Band before settling

as a Concert Band. Today, under the leadership of Ms. Esther Lim, the band thrives with a

fusion of her musical passion and dedication to the students.

The Bukit Merah Concert Band (BMCB) actively participates in various events such as the

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation, community programs, the school’s bi-annual

musical “Festivo” and public performances across Singapore. Additionally, the Bukit Merah

Percussion Ensemble, formed under BMCB, provides additional platforms to showcase our

students' talents. By offering diverse performance opportunities, we aim to cultivate

resilience, prioritization skills, and focus among our members.

Beyond musical education, BMCB strives to foster a nurturing environment where members

develop qualities such as empathy, care, and self-direction. We prioritize providing ample

opportunities for our students to hone their strengths and cultivate new skill sets. Through

organizing band performances and bonding activities, students learn essential

organizational, leadership, and effective communication skills. As they progress through

BMCB, members graduate as resilient, confident, and contributing individuals, equipped with

collaborative skills, empathetic values, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg
Lim Sze Ai, Esther
Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg


Into the Clouds! by Richard L. Saucedo

Snakes! by Thomas Duffy

Our Kingsland Spring by Samuel R. Hazo



Ahmed Ernest Fernando

Arisa Cheong Yi Yen

Ashley Soh Ee Heng

Ashlyn Lai Siling

Cheng Lu

Chloe Seah Yu Xin

Elissa Goh Hui En

Ethanael Heng Hong Jun

Foo Fang Wei, Marcus

Ganesh Ananthi Sanjith Kumar

Huang Jing En Jolene

Huda Aaliyah Binte Muhamad Munif

Isaac Wong Shun Yoong

Jaiveer Singh Sidhu

Jayden Teo

Jervis Goh Zhi Jie

Jonathan Syn

Kan Yi Zhong

Kief Ang Xuan Ren

Lee Chik Keat Ezekiel Joseph

Lee Keng Xian

Leong Kei Cheng Stephen

Leong Zi Xun

Lim En Rui

Lin Yanguang

Liu Yi Kai

Liu Yu Juan, Valerie

Mikkel Josiah Sa

Muhammad Hariq Bin Sumali

Nallur Vikas

Ng Shao Cheng Javier

Nur Sabrina Lim Binte Mohamed Rafedi

Sachiko Takayama

Sambantham Anusri

Sherlin Ong

Tan Jia Nian

Tan Jiong Rui Aden

Tay Rui Qi

Teen Cheng Xue Jovian

Teng En Qi

Tham Ying Xin Chloe

Wang Qiyao

Zaniahera Luzon Magenderan

Zhang Junwei



Competition Time

24 July 2024 (Wednesday)


YST Conservatory of Music Concert Hall

Outreach Performance Time


Note: Above information is correct at time of publication and may be subjected to change without prior notice.

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