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Alam Shah Wind Orchestra

Sultan Alam Shah School, Malaysia (SAS) is a premier full-boarding school established in 1963. SAS was established under the auspices of His Majesty, the Sultan of Selangor.

Alam Shah Wind Orchestra (ASWO) was established in 1996 as one of the Uniformed Bodies for School (SAS) co-curricular activities, consisting of approximately 61 students.

Since the establishment of ASWO, various national and international competitions have been won. Among ASWO's latest achievements are: 14th World Open Music Competition (Spring, Summer, & Autumn Edition, December 2023 Gold Award/Laureate of the 1st Prize Section Wind Orchestra, Category Junior Artist Category Orchestra Conductor Jun

Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg
Alif Amsyar Bin Aizan
Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg


Aquarium by Johan de Meij

Medley P. Ramlee For Wind Orchestra arr. Luqman Aziz



Adam Darius Bin Mahafiz

Adam Hakimi Bin Ismail

Adam Harith Bin Abdul Halim

Afif Mifzal Bin Haslan

Ahmad Fatih Bin Asri

Aiman Fakhri Bin Norazizudin

Alif Amsyar Bin Aizan

Aqeef Faysal Bin Fauzi

Asif Ar-Ridhwan Bin Muhammad Haniff

Aydin Mikael Bin Ahmad Izuddin

Danial Azam Bin Idzuan Azam

Ezzey Afidzi Bin Mazliham

Faiz Imran Bin Mohd Lotfi

Fikri Hakimi Bin Abdul Hakim

Hadif Itqan Bin Khairul Nizam

Hafiy Nufail Bin Khairuddin

Idlan Hakimi Bin Rahmat Hidayat

Imran Hadif Izni Bin Mohd Apandi

Irfan Mikhael Bin Norfadzilah @ Mohd Fadzilah

Izzat Hamizi Bin Rahmat Hidayat

Kamarul Zafran Bin Kamarul Azhar

Luqman Harith Bin Roslan

Mar Zayyan Bin Mara Shahlan

Mohamad Adam Haziq Bin Mohamad Faizal

Mohamad Ashraf Bin Mohd Shahriman

Mohamad Ian Rafique Bin Faisal

Mohammad Amer Eusoff Bin Mohammad Sazlan Ariff

Mohammad Danish Bin Mohammad Fadzil

Muhamad Amir Zaki Bin Azmil

Muhamad Anasz Bin Mohd Zakir

Muhammad Adib Dinzli Bin Mohd Azli

Muhammad Amal Bin Hassan

Muhammad Aqieff Raihan Bin Ruwaidi

Muhammad Aqil Akmal Bin Azmi

Muhammad Basyir Bin Razali

Muhammad Danial Ar-Rayyan Bin Mohd Ashraf

Muhammad Darwisy Bin Mohd Hafiz

Muhammad Fateh Akhtar Bin Fadzal Adly

Muhammad Fawwaz Bin Muhammad Zulhabri

Muhammad Harith Aqil Bin Mohd Faizal

Muhammad Luqman Hakim Bin Ibrahim

Muhammad Qaeed Putra Bin Muhammad Fauzi

Muhammad Zeidane Bin Zulhaidi

Naufal Idlan Bin Nizrul Izham

Nik Nabhan Bin Nik Syahrim

Rasikh Amiri Bin Mohd Shukri

Rayyan Hakimi Bin Izzuddin

Wan Muhammad Fakhrullah Bin Wan Azdi

Wan Zaim Idlan Bin Wan Muhammad Idris

Zharif Hakim Bin Shahrun Nadzree



Competition Time

26 July 2024 (Friday)


YST Conservatory of Music Concert Hall

Outreach Performance Time


Note: Above information is correct at time of publication and may be subjected to change without prior notice.

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