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Ahmad Ibrahim Concert Band

Established in 1970, the Ahmad Ibrahim Concert Band started as a military band and was converted into a concert band in 2011. Fueled by passion for music and the camaraderie among our members, our band endeavours to share the joy of music with our audiences, while providing a supportive environment to nurture our students’ talents through platforms within and beyond school. Having accomplished a Certificate of Distinction at the 2023 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation and the Gold Award at the 2022 Singapore International Band Festival, our band will continue striving for excellence in music together with our Band Directors, Mr Chong, Mr Tarun and Mr Chia.

Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg
Joseph Chong Ze Bin
Portrait in Uniform_edited.jpg


Gate City Snapshot by Nathan Daughtrey

The Wolves of Alaska by Rossano Galante



Adry Ryan Mikail Bin Saifulbahri

Amira Suha Binte Haidre Ali

Asraf Haries Bin Kamaluthin

Cedric Lim (Lin Zhikai)

Chong Kai Qin

Christopher Abramovich Suvanto

Dayan Goh Hao Pin

Ea Jun Heng

Eunice Gay Ying En

Fan Ruola

Gavin Chai Ke Bin

Ibnu Eikram Akyl Bin Muhammad Nur

Imran Ahmad Bin Mohammad Aijaz Ahmad

Irfan Bin Hakim

Jayden Tan Kang Jun

Jessie Helena Raj

Joey Lee Jie Yi

Kaleb Tan Shao Feng

Kok Hao Ze

Lau Qi Yue

Lee Cheng Zhou

Lim Amie

Lim Le Ying

Lin Tingting

Low Yu En

Lucas Tan Pin Hao

Muhammad Aiman Bin Erwanshah

Nabil Eddryan Putra Nor Muliady

Ng Jun Rong Xavier

Nicole Chow Wai Leng (Zhou Huiling)

Nur Hanisah Syairah Binte Nelmond

Oh Jia Sheng

Pang Wen Cong Travis

Seraphine Wong Seong Fei

Shriyaa Srider

Song Yunzhong

Tan Yan Bing

Thorn Phyo Zay

Tok Tang Zhe, Kaeden

Tyler Pay Yao Jie

Vi-Yan Yew Hyun Ning

Vidal Janella Amy Pfrilz De Vera

Wong Wei Wen

Zhao Haoxuan Vincent



Competition Time

23 July 2024 (Tuesday)


YST Conservatory of Music Concert Hall

Outreach Performance Time


Note: Above information is correct at time of publication and may be subjected to change without prior notice.

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