Festival Activities


The SIBF competition has 5 divisions for bands to choose from. Each division’s distinct is in the requirements in music difficulty level and performance duration.  Conductors should choose the appropriate division for participating bands to meet the requirements and showcase the band’s best performance ability.


Workshop And Masterclass

Participating bands may sign up for one5 hours session of masterclasses / workshops conducted by our international adjudicators or clinicians. Workshop will take place only after the band has completed its competition.

In general, adjudicators / clinician will base on your performance at the Competition to provide advice to improve band’s music playing. Conductors are advised to be present during the workshop and should request to set aside time for discussion with the clinician during the session. Different form of workshop may take place as deem appropriate by the clinicians.

The Workshop will be held in exchange school host’s venue. Basic percussion instruments will be provided. Where space is permitted, the workshop will be opened to conductors of all SIBF participating bands.

Due to limited spaces, registration will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Allocation of adjudicators/ clinicians to bands will be done at best efforts of the organisers.


International Band Exchange Programme

 Participating bands may sign up for Exchange Programme to meet another overseas participating band for exchange performance, guest conducting, sectional practice or similar activities. In general, bands are matched with bands that competed in the same Division or age group. Bands will be and put into contact directly to arrange for content of exchange programme.

Hosting school will be required to provide percussion instrument and venue for the programme.


 Outreach Programme

Band may sign up to perform at the Outreach Programme to share music with the community at casual outdoor venues such as schools, parks and tourist spots which will be announced later.

Bands are required to prepare 20- 30 minutes performance of light and easy listening music.

Basic percussion instruments, chairs, music stands and sound system will be provided for the performance.

As performances generally take place in outdoor spaces, performance may be cancelled due to wet weather.

Due to limited performance slots, bands registration will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis.