Marking Scheme

Each band will be marked according to the following criteria for their performance:

  1. Sound: Intonation, Tone Quality, Balance
  2. Technique: Articulation, Ensemble Musicianship, Rhythm
  3. Musical Performance: Phrasing, Dynamics, Interpretation
  4. Choice of Literature (applicable to Open Division only)

Final result will be the averaged mark given by all adjudicators, rounded up to 2 decimal places and announced at the end of each Division. In the case of a draw between two or more bands, the Division winner will be decided by adjudicators’ vote.

Each band will receive a written appraisal from our panel of international adjudicators and certificate based on the following merit:

Gold                 90.00% and above

Silver                80.00% – 89.99%

Bronze              70.00% – 79.99%

Certificate         Below 70.00%

Bands exceeding stipulated performance time by more than 1 second shall result in 5% deduction of final marks. Results after enforcement of penalty will be final and non-negotiable. Bands that violate any rules of the competition will be stripped of their award and any benefits. All decisions made by the adjudicators are final.