Bands who wish to participate in Division 1, 2A, 2B or 3 Competition are required to submit the application form and required information by 31 March 2016. We are unable to accept any applications after the deadline and may close the application earlier when all performance slots are full.

Bands who wish to participate in Open Division Competition are required to submit a recent audition recording, application form and necessary information by 31 January 2016. Bands should submit an unedited, good-quality audio recording of two (2) contrasting pieces in MP3/MP4/WMV format by CD or file transfer. The Open Division Competition will only be available if there are four or more accepted applicants.

Any changes to musician list for all participating bands must be submitted by 15 April 2016.

The Organiser reserves the right to screen, reallocate the band to a different category or reject any application. The Organiser reserves the rights not to disclose any reasons for such applications. Bands will be informed of their application results latest by 15 April 2016.

Application for SIBF will be through online form on website: Parties having difficulty with the online form should contact us for assistance.

Please prepare the following information in digital format before registration: